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asked Apr 17 by Nit0 (3,260 points)
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What Day traders do?

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asked Apr 14 by Patrick44

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answered Apr 14 by Mike (1,780 points)

They focus on buying and selling stocks on the same-day rather than holding positions overnight, which sets them apart from swing traders or long-term investors. Since they enter and exit trades so quickly, day traders have unique needs when it comes to a brokerage firm. They must carefully consider commission rates, margin rates, execution times, and the financial stability of the broker given that they tend to trade with large amounts of capital.


commented Apr 14 by Patrick44
Do you maybe know some good firms for Day trading?
commented Apr 14 by Mike (1,780 points)
i know that Interactive Brokers, TradeStation, LightSpeed Trading are one of the best.

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