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asked Apr 27 by Mike (1,780 points)
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How does OSYSFX improves trading business?

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asked Apr 12 in Forex by gaus (2,590 points)

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answered Apr 12 by SiD (1,970 points)

It's a system that removes the human element from the whole process. From the customer’s first interaction with a broker through to conversion, everything is automated.

Whilst this concept may seem against the norm or what could be considered safe / traditional, automating relying on data collected; it can optimize each customer’s experience from the first click based on interactions and smart funnels that lead the customer through each step.

The whole process’ goal is to remove the sales call center from brokers. Removing the high pressure sales, understanding what marketing works for your brand down to a micro level and the consequent savings that come with this; will in turn lead to a better environment for traders and brokers longer term.

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