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asked Apr 19 by Darkwood (6,530 points)
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Is switching to MetaTrader 5 a good decision?

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asked Apr 5 in Future of Forex by Beggy (240 points)
MetaQuotes just announced that MetaTrader 5 discovered a new market in Indonesia.  According to sources this market has considerable investment opportunities. Now traders of Java Global Futures based in Jakarta has become the first broker in the country offering the multi-asset HFT platform.

Java Global Futures is a member of the Indonesian Derivatives Clearing House, Indonesia Futures Association (ASPEBTINDO) and Jakarta Futures Exchange (JFX).

What does switching form MT4 to MT5 bring to traders?

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answered Apr 5 by filmore (170 points)
According to Vincent Yohanes Chandra from Java Global Futures, MetaTrader 5 is great decision!

MetaTrader 5 is quite promising, it is updated and improved version of MetaTrader 4 which adds more features than the previous one.

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