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asked Apr 27 by layla (2,000 points)
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Dow Jones launches DNA(Data, news and analytics) platform? What this platform will bring?

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asked Apr 11 by adalbart (2,270 points)

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answered Apr 11 by BryanNelson (2,510 points)
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Hi Adalbart.

As i know DNA leverages cloud computing and a web services interface to provide scalable and reliable data access. There are three methods for customers and partners to access Dow Jones data:
 -DNA Snapshots enable extractions of archive data (up to terabytes at a time) for users that wish to mine large amounts of content.
 -DNA Streams provide streaming of content and data, for users that need to act on information in real-time.
 -DNA Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) provide functions to look-up, search and transact with Dow Jones data.

Dow Jones is serving DNA using Google BigQuery, as one of the many ways the content is being made available. Other beta partners include IBM, RavenPack, Alexandria Investment Research & Technology, Equals3 and Linguamatics. DNA also powers the Dow Jones app on Symphony.

commented Apr 11 by adalbart (2,270 points)
It seems interesting... Thank you on your answer.

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