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Why is “Adjacent Businesses” moving into Retail Trading?

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asked Apr 11 by Harvey80 (5,590 points)

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answered Apr 11 by Stan.Ostin (8,020 points)
The most common example of this is your regular community pharmacy, while their ostensible business is to sell prescription medication, the wholesale cost of medication, licensing and insurance costs, amongst others, has prompted pharmacies to venture into selling their industry adjacents, being non-prescription medication and cosmetics.

The concept of adjacents has become increasingly important as multiple pressures have been forcing businesses to search for extra revenues streams from their clients. Within the retail trading market, the effects of regulation and market competition have increased marketing costs and reduced profit margins. Many other sectors have also seen competition increase whilst simultaneously affected by either regulation or the move to online.
commented Apr 11 by Harvey80 (5,590 points)
Thank you for the answer.

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