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CySEC releases another impersonators scam warning?

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asked Apr 7 by Darkwood (5,070 points)

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answered Apr 7 by Stan.Ostin (6,430 points)

The complete warning:

  • A recent case that came to the attention of CySEC involve correspondence in which individuals using fake names such as Phill Wisely, Michael Andreus, etc., attempt to convince recipients to pay fees to participate in fake aid programs for recovery of losses they might have suffered. In said correspondence, there is also unauthorised use of the CySEC logo, and use of the domain and emails,,, and, which do not belong to CySEC.
  • CySEC would like to stress that it is not connected in any way with such individuals and emails, and that it never sends unsolicited correspondence to investors or members of the public requesting their personal and/or bank details and/or that they make any sort of financial transaction.
  • Furthermore, CySEC clarifies that it does not authorize, verify, monitor, or is in any way involved in payments between natural or legal entities or any public or private agencies.
  • CySEC urges the public to remain vigilant regarding such unsolicited communication, and in case they receive any that appears to be from CySEC but was not initiated by the recipient of such communication, and appears to ask for the transfer or payment of any amount, to confirm the authenticity of the communication by contacting before taking any action.
commented Apr 11 by james (360 points)
Cysec..trying there best to squeeze. .out scammers..which is good