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How to Drive Up Redeposits in FX ?

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asked Apr 7 in Forex by Hector (2,940 points)

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answered Apr 7 by Connor1 (5,150 points)

To be successful in driving redeposit rates, brokers need to tap into the psyche of the trader has likely lost their money, but is still willing to redeposit and trade again. What motivate traders to redeposit? and why haven’t my redeposit rates moved after all my A/B tests? 

To redeposit, traders need to be emotionally reassured and clear that they are better positioned to realize their trading dreams.

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answered Apr 7 by zigx (2,100 points)

They need to feel success! First-hand experience of successful trading leaves an indelible mark on the client. This successful experience – even if they haven’t cashed out – is far more powerful than any testimony or high-pressure sales call. And when stirred, it spurs traders to redeposit. For example, when a client has made three large, successful trades or has clients doubled their balance through a series of successful trades, they will redeposit – even if they lose their capital because they have experienced success and believe they have the skills to recreate that success.

They also need to have that "almost"efect. Even if not successful, clients who can identify their mistakes are more confident in their abilities to trade again. It is important to help the client understand that this failure has made him closer to achieving better results next time round.

This can be achieved through timely insights and tips about their trading  that help them to understand what will lead them to success. Such a motivation can be reached through a combination of data and behavioral science.


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