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asked May 1 in Forex by Victor
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Can I trade a currency when its main market is closed?

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asked May 5 in Forex by milo (1,860 points)

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answered May 5 by kori12 (2,200 points)

Yes you can because in the forex market, currencies from all over the world can be traded at all times of the day. The forex market is very liquid and the increased availability of advanced technology and information processing has only increased the number of participants.

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answered May 5 by Rickoo (1,990 points)

Although markets in many foreign countries are closed at the time when North American markets are open, trading on foreign currencies can still take place. While the majority of trading on a particular currency occurs when its main market is open, many other banks around the world hold foreign currencies, enabling them to continue to be traded at times when the main market is closed.

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