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asked May 1 in Forex by milo (1,860 points)

Is it true that UK regulator upholds only one misleading dvertising complaint against Forex firm?

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asked May 4 in Forex by milo (1,860 points)

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answered May 4 by torin (2,270 points)

Yes, it is. The website of the UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) shows only one ruling has ever been made by the body with regards to a firm offering Forex products and/or services.

commented May 4 by milo (1,860 points)
Do you maybe know the name of the firm, and what is the reason?
commented May 4 by torin (2,270 points)
The ruling in question is against WIN Investing, a company offering Forex seminars. decision upheld a complaint concerning advertisements of a set of seminars on the company’s website published in November 2016.

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