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Big investment is Blessing or Curse?

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asked May 1 in Forex by zigx (2,100 points)

3 Answers

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answered May 1 by Connor1 (5,150 points)

The fact that you have invested some huge amounts of money into the forex business is not a guarantee that everything will be fine, the only thing that can make you profitable is the foundation that you have built through hard work and dedication, that is the quickest way to succeed.

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answered May 1 by John1 (3,560 points)

I think there's no need to invest in big amount. If you have good knowledge and skills, you can turn small investment to big amount. One thing you need to  now is to maintain your effort and don't stop from doing effort. You must realize that you can become a good trader. You just need to be discipline and trust with your own potentials and I hope you understand.

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answered May 1 by Rickoo (1,990 points)

big investment is a blessing not a curse because it will give you opportunity to make large amount of money in forex market? if you have money to trade this market you should try and learn this market very well before entering into it to avoid losses

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