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asked May 8 in Forex by klo (2,410 points)
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As a newbie I need to ask have u ever gained more than 100pips at a trade??

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asked Apr 29 in Forex by zigx (2,100 points)

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answered Apr 29 by Fred (4,020 points)
Many times in swing/position trades, but also in the occassional day trade too. Couldn't give you any $ figures from memory, though they'd be irrelevant to you in any case unless we have exactly the same size account.
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answered Apr 29 by John1 (3,560 points)
+184 pips live this morning. This is starting to become the average for me. Technically it was 7 trades and not one though.

I trade currencies when they corolate and move in the same direction.
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answered Apr 29 by torin (2,270 points)

100 pip trades are possible.. very possible

Pick the right currency and you will have an opportunity to make a trade like that everyday..

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