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asked Apr 12, 2017 in Forex by gaus (2,590 points)
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I want learn about trading, and I have question, what broker does?

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asked Apr 26, 2017 by edvard

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answered Apr 26, 2017 by kit (2,260 points)

In real estate, a broker is a real estate agent who facilitates the sale or lease of homes, land or commercial properties. Services provided by real estate brokers include determining asking prices for property, listing property, showing property to prospective buyers, and acting as a go-between for the seller and the buyer. A real estate broker usually earns commission based on a percentage of the property’s sale price. Traditionally, the seller pays the broker’s commission.


commented Apr 26, 2017 by gaus (2,590 points)
In the investment world, broker is a term used to refer to an individual or entity that helps facilitate trading in financial securities.

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