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asked May 1 in Forex by zigx (2,100 points)
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Is the FX industry ready for the big AI changes?

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asked Apr 25 in Forex by Hector (2,940 points)

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answered Apr 25 by John1 (3,560 points)
I believe that FX from a technology front is ready for it as industry is so used to innovation and it is traditionally an open minded industry.
commented Apr 25 by Hector (2,940 points)
What do you think, is robot a better than a human being  in terms of marketing or other back-office functions at an FX firm?
commented Apr 25 by John1 (3,560 points)
It depends on how you classify ‘better.’ If you are using the definition as a streamlining of the institution then perhaps, yes. If you are talking about the cohesion of the actual work place, then you cannot replace that.

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