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What is FxPro Tools mobile application offering? What are the advantages?

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asked Apr 6 by Bruce (2,260 points)
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answered Apr 6 by Stan.Ostin (5,940 points)

FxPro Tools also offers application offers traders an option to switch between black and white skins.Talking of darker colors, the dark app skin seems to be on the mind of many online trading solutions developers these days.
 When FinanceFeeds reported about the recent improvements to IG’s new web platform, the broker noted that a darker color scheme is amid the most requested features by traders. Interactive Brokers, also paid special attention to the dark color scheme in the latest update to its TWS mobile app.
It also offers improved markets display and some extra information on shares. More instruments are now available in Trading Calculators (WTI, BRENT, NAT.GAS, GOLD, SILVER), whereas the additions to the Currency Converter include UAH, BRL, and MXN.

The broker also promises improved speed of the app. This, however, is subject to personal assessment and often depends on the qualities of one’s mobile device.

FxPro Tools seeks to provide traders with real-time market information on a menu of instruments including Forex, Shares, Indices, Futures, Precious Metals and Energies.

commented Apr 6 by Bruce (2,260 points)
Is it  compatible for Windows?
commented Apr 6 by Stan.Ostin (5,940 points)
No, FxPro Tools mobile application is for iOS and Android.